Boiler Flue Inspection Hatches:

Inspection Hatch
Chester Gas boiler flue inspection hatches. We supply and fit flue access panels for gas boiler flues in voids and concealed fanned flues.

The regulations have changed - as of the 1st January 2013, if you have a concealed flue on your fanned-flue boiler (i.e. it passes through a ceiling space or behind a wall or boxed in space), and there is no means of inspecting all of the length of the flue, then it will fail any safety check and be labeled as at risk - and more importantly, it could be dangerous. Avoid this by calling us now to arrange for us to fit an inspection hatch or access panel.

Call us now for a competitive quote, to ensure that your boiler is safe and meets the gas safety requirements. We are currently offering a discount on the cost of a boiler service if it is done at the same time as fitting an inspection hatch, so call us now for more details!

More Information:

Some properties, mainly flats built in the ten to fifteen years before 2013, have been built with boiler flues which cannot be inspected because they are hidden behind walls or ceilings (if your boiler is situated on an outside wall, it is unlikely you have this type of flue).

Gas Safe registered engineers need to be able to see the flue (which takes fumes away from the boiler) as part of essential safety checks whenever the boiler is worked on, serviced or tested. A flue in poor condition, combined with a boiler that is not working properly, could put you and your family (or tenant) in danger from carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause death or serious injury.

If you do have a boiler where all, or part of, the flue cannot be seen, you, or your landlord, will need to arrange for inspection hatches to be fitted. From 1st January 2013, any Gas Safe registered engineer will turn the boiler off, with your permission and formally advise you not to use it until inspection hatches have been fitted in appropriate places.

For more information see the Gas Safe Register website.

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We fit flue inspection hatches in Chester and surrounding areas, including Ellesmere Port, Broughton, Tarvin, Elton, Connah's Quay, Wrexham, Mold, Tarporley.

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"Every year around 15 people die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by gas appliances and flues that have not been properly installed, maintained, or that are poorly ventilated"

"ALL gas consumers are advised by the government to have appliances checked for safety at least every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer"

SOURCE - HSE website